About me


To tell you a bit more about me, I’m currently 25 living in sweet little Lodi, CA, my last name is actually Rose, spontaneous dancing occurs way too often, I was legally adopted at the age of 23, garlic is necessary on everything and I mean EVERYTHING, I have an auto immune disease called Celiacs disease so gluten free goodies make me+my tummy happy, a good book is always welcomed!

Hello beautiful people 

I'm hannah

 It's building authentic community & relationships with my clients. Community & relationships are an integral part of my existence, thats what fuels my passion for photo and why it has touched my life in so many ways...Hannah Marie photography is more than a job, it's a part of my heart & soul.

Photography is what I get to call my job but, in all honesty it's so much more than a job

Hosting my friends 
Cooking yummy dinners
Shopping at Lululemon 
Listening to a podcast

Reading a book
On a walk 
Baking chocolate chip cookies

Chasing sunsets
At the tennis courts
Playing spikeball 
At the Driving range

If im not taking photos you might find me