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Q. How do I book with you?

*Once you complete my contact form we will be connected via email where we can schedule a specific date+time for your session. After that I will send you an invoice & contract to retain your date half of the total amount of your session is due. Once both are completed your date is secure! If your wanting to book a wedding the process is fairly similar but I like to throw in a phone call as well to make sure we are the best fit for each other!

*Wedding payment plans are broken into three installments one to retain your date, one midway, and final payment the week before your wedding 

Q. Do you help us during our session were a bit awkward and not sure what to do?

*Absolutely!! I have yet to have a session where clients have not told me this and let me tell you that it is a huge part of my job to help you feel comfortable + confident in front of the camera! I accomplish this by guiding you with prompts instead of poses that create movement and natural interaction basically you will be moving the whole time! During the session some movements might feel awkward or silly but I promise if you trust my guidance your photos will be amazing!! In my personal opinion the best sessions I have is where clients step in with an open mind ready to trust me and to just have fun with their loved one!

Q. When do we get our photos back?

*My guarantee for sessions is 2 weeks and for weddings6 weeks!!

Q. Are payments made refundable?

*Stated in my contracts is that once payments are made they are all non-refundable if something falls through for you rescheduling is always an option!! 

Q. Do you travel?

*Absolutely!! It is one of my favorite parts of my job creating around the world makes me one happy gal!  fill out my contact form here to get more information regarding my travel packages!!!

Q. Do we get to pick the images we receive?

*Part of my job as your photographer is picking the images of you guys that look the best photographer’s eye is trained to catch small blurs, people moving in the background, or other things that distract from my subjects! I promise to deliver all the best shots of you guys that will have you swooning.

Q. Do you have experience in shooting different lighting scenarios?

*Absolutely I do images will always look different and better in natural light(in my personal opinion) vs artificial but I have been on site for so many different events+ weddings to learn how to create beautiful imagery regardless of what lighting we are thrown.


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