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So you found your forever…


now it’s time to find your photographer…


This journey is all about you and

your person each step of planning your wedding should

be to create a day that fully+perfectly represents you both.

Having a photographer that you connect with from

their imagery to their personality is

super important which is why I want you to know a

bit about the kind of photographer I am!

My name is Hannah the girl behind the camera

but also your new friend like for reals people the

heart of my business is me showing up 100% for my

couples+coming along side you guys for all the next steps.

Need someone to help pick out save the dates i’m there,

need a friend to grab coffee with just to vent uhh call me,

need someone to believe in all your visions

or help you advocate what you want for you day? I will be your girl!!

I’m really passionate about showing up for my couples in

whatever ways necessary all while capturing authentic

moments that they can hold onto for the rest of their life.

Ready to take the next step?! Click the link below to fill out my

contact form so we can start chatting about your special day!!!

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Welcome to my website stay a while and take a look around learn all about what it means to invest with Hannah Marie Photography!