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I cannot be more excited for you, and these next steps your  taking in your business.

Partnering with other photographers to help them further reach their business+ life goals is a passion of mine. 

Meet your mentor  

I could cry happy tears knowing you are here looking for what I  have to offer YOU! Before we move on to what I can offer you let me tell you a little bit about me. 

I'm Han, a California native who is inspired by the beautiful diversity this state has to offer, a plant lover, a creative soul who values connections & relationships more than anything, a hostess with da mostest please come over for dinner,  and a full-time wedding photographer who has learned a thing or two along the way. 

Oh, how I wish I  could sit here and say I  had it all down from the moment I started. Editing, client experience, blogging, social media, marketing, productivity, balance, and all the other things that make someone a solid business owner. Truly this year is the first year I  have felt balanced between my business and my personal life, and where I  have been thriving.

My goal in partnering with other creatives is to help share with you all the tools that took me from making it through the days and weeks as a self-employed girlie to someone who is thriving in their career!! 


so, let me show you how? 

 Something I wish I had been told early on is that its okay to make mistakes, not every client is meant for your business, and that you can always adjust your business model as you go along. To extend grace to yourself while learning & growing, except now you dont have to do it alone, you have me to help guide you down this path!

Multi-Month Mentorships 

Month 3-

Month 1-

Month 2-

Starting your business
Invoicing +Contracts 
Useful apps

Attraction Marketing
Attracting clients meant for you
Establishing your brand 
Client guides 
Finding your aesthetic 

Enhancing your client experience 
Boundaries + self-care  

for the relational girlies 

what we will go over 

Over time in offering mentorships I  have come to see that one-hour calls only get us so far, having the opportunity to meet over multi-month periods gives us the chance to develop a relationship, the opportunity for you to apply what we go over, and ask follow-ups Q's, as well as not rush as we go through the education materials!

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YES! I  will always get back to you with simple Q's you shoot my way within 72 hours, I do ask if you have more in depth questions or multiple in a row you schedule another session to address them!

YES!!! I  recognize that everyone is at a different stage of their business and not every is able to invest the same amount financially or in time. To help I have packages ranging from one hour Q+A calls to multiple hour sessions. 

Yes all sessions are done remotely unless you book the package that includes branding+ headshots!! This means regardlesss of where you are located I can mentor you!

-Establishing your brand 
-Starting your business 
-Client experience 
-Boundries + self care 
 -Useful apps 
-Q+A time



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