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styling& why it matters?

+So what even is styling and why does it matter for photos? So what styling means while yes its the clothing you’re wearing its more about the color you wear. Simply put imagery is enhanced by the tones that create it when a client styles(aka wears certain colors) themselves accordingly it complements it. It may sound contradictory to what you would envision but when you wear colors that blend with the location were shooting at you actually pop more!

+ Take the image above if Kenzie+Jarid were wearing bright orange, busy patterns, logos, or neon colors you first would be drawn to their clothing which is distracting from the focal point of the image…them and the moment that is being captured. Kenzie wearing green ties in with the evergreens in the back and Jarid wearing a rust colored shirt it blends with the trunk and dirt at the base of the tress! Their session is totally enhanced by the outfits they decided to wear because through styling they are the first thing your eyes are drawn to!

+Earth tones and why they are your best friend! So I am a huge fan of neutrals and earth tones why? Well that’s because they are what allows my clients to show best + they blend amazingly with my editing style if you’ve hired me its because you are drawn to my work part of that is enhanced by the tones in my imagery! Wearing earthy tones is helps contribute to an overall beautiful image. Below is a swatch of earth tones not pictured is white which also totally goes!!



picture this





+So here we have Kazy+Mark on the beach so beautiful and sweet but the first thing my eyes are drawn to in this image are the mixing of patterns! While some patterns work in an image when you push two together it can lead you eyes away from the focal point of the image!


+In this image Macayla+Joshare running around at the beach! Josh wearing a brown shirt and Macayla wearing white they blend seamlessly with their surroundings and instantly your eyes are drawn to them in this photo!


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