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Lets talk location for your session!! I love engagement sessions so much one of the many reasons is its a time for us to adventure out together before your wedding day it is always such a sweet time where I get to know you both with no obligations on your part to move to a timeline literally just the three of us having a blast capturing your love!

Choosing your location is such a fun process because each place I get to shoot is such a fun testament to my couples and what makes them unique some have deep love for the mountains because they hike together every year while some love the beach because thats where they spend their days off together everyone is so different in where they want to be captured and I’m here for all the different adventures! Together we will chat and figure out a location that works perfectly for you guys I have galleries of some of my fav places to go but I also love going new places we will determine where the perfect spot for you guys after you go through this guide! Below I have some examples of different locations and styling that works for them!

Note because sessions with me involve lots of moving sometimes mild hikes try to avoid heels as it might make it hard for you to move freely during your sesh!

Please always know that at the end of the day your session should reflect you both in the best way so if that means wearing bright and fun colors or a special shirt thats okay these are just guidelines for those who want them!!




Are you a grassy field type of gal?

Being from NorCal has given me a soft spot for golden fields in the summertime seriously I love them pokeys and all! Miranda+Taylor are wearing such great colors to Taylors shirt goes great with the grass and Mirandas dress is a great example of a simple pattern that goes cohesively with Andrews shirt and surrounding areas!


What lovin looks like in the mountains!

Emily+Brad are styling in the fields below the mountains again the earthy tones mixed with neutrals like black instantly bring your eye in towards them and their sweet interactions!!!





This is a more seasonal location but another amazing example of tones being cohesive in an image!! Also note how Laura put a little more attention to the details of her outfits ie. her rings, hat, flowy skirt all things that bring the photo together!


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