Engagement sessions & their benefits!

What an exciting moment in the journey to your wedding day truly I think every single thing leading up to your wedding holds space that is of deep value. I always encourage couples to do engagement sessions with me because there are many benefits to doing one, lets dive into the pros! The first one being that it gives you guys the chance to meet and connect with me which will always ease your nerves when it comes to your wedding day picture this (lol) in walks han you are at ease because you know me, my energy, leadership skills, and the fun we have while together. Second your wedding day is full of so much more than just moments for the two of you between guests, the bridal party, and timelines you’ll find that this sometimes leaves a limited amount of time for photos of the two of you, so an engagement session is a dedicated time that is fully focused on the two of you. Lastly engagement sessions allow for a different kind of expression for couples for example some people spend days in the city at coffee shops while some spend their weekends adventuring through forests whatever it may be engagement sessions are the time to capture you in your element. Something I see as such a valuable investment as it is simply more time to capture the intimate nature of your love! Use these photos to fill your home, save the dates, and lock screens with a moment in time that you will never regret!

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