Intimate Rivera Maya destination wedding-

I met syd & justin back in 2020 at a wedding, of the thousands of wedding guests I have met they are the only two that I can truly call life long friends. We were on the plane ride home together last night counting the times we’ve been together before the trip and it was nine we could fit it on two hands, but in those nine times there has been hours of deep conversation, an exchange of vulnerability, laughter, presence for big life moments from birthdays to engagements, observation of Justin’s chiropractic skills, migraine bonding between Syd & I and the list goes on. Tears flowed from my face reading the letter they wrote me on their wedding day it shared how much love they hold for me and our relationship it was a novel truly and not only did they write on to me but to every single guest at the wedding, an examples of how much they value and appreciate the community in their life. Justin often tells me “relationships are the currency of life” and I can tangibly see how they hold close to those relationships through word and action.

Truly it’s still hard for me to find the words to describe how incredible this trip was from start to finish because it will always be challenging to find words that embody the essence of who Justin and Sydney are as people but that’s something I will always cherish that I get this intimate relationship with them as we walk through life together while they may be off on a new word wide adventure we will always support, stand by, encourage, and love one another. A once in a lifetime trip, a once in a lifetime friendship.

Congratulations my sweet friends I love you!